This is a new section of my website that will display many of my photographs, when I have time to download them onto the page. Please be patient. The photos shown here are intended to initiate the Photography Page, and show how it will work.


The page is arranged by Category:(1) country (2) Historical of architectural period or style (3) city or region (4) Name of architect if known (5) Building or place name Not all categories are used

Each one has a unique file name.

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I hold the copyright to all photos displayed on this site. I am willing to share them with people who would like to use them for architectural education, lectures and not-for-profit publications such as theses, unremunerated journal articles and personal websites. But please acknowledge me as the photographer in publications and websites as follows: Photo Henry Matthews. If you use one or more of my photos please send me an e-mail the explaining the type of use and giving the file name. If you require a higher resolution, state what you need and I will send it to you. There will be a $10.00 fee payable by paypal

For commercial use of my photos please request permission by e-mail, giving the name and type of the publication, the number of copies to be printed, or describing other type of use. State the resolution and image size needed. The fee will depend on the circumstances.