Lecturing on medieval Cathedrals for the Washington Commission for the humanities, Evaluations

In addition to lecturing on many aspects of architectural history and presenting papers at conferences, I have been invited to speak at universities, museums as well as to cultural and civic groups. I was selected by the Washington for the Humanities as an “Inquiring Mind” lecturer and by Washington State University as a “Centennial Lecturer”. For several years I have contributed lectures on Travel to Turkey at the annual “Turkfest” at the Seattle Center. I have also planned and led several cultural tours overseas.

I am available for lectures on many topics, and am interested in talking about architecture and travel in a less formal way to help groups prepare for trips.

A selection of my lectures and tours is listed below:


Ottoman Mosques: Their Place in Global Architectural History. American Research Institute in Turkey, September 10 2011
The architecture of Mimar Sinan and his Italian Contemporaries,” School of Architecture, University of Damascus, Syria, March 20 2006.
The Architecture of Louis Kahn,” School of Architecture, University of  Damascus, Syria, March 9 2006
Contemporary Art Museums,” Order of Syrian Architects and Engineers, Damascus March 9 2006
Historic Preservation in the USA: Philosophy and Practice,” Yildiz Technical University, Istanbul, 2001
The New Museum:  Architectural Monument or Palace of Culture,” Istanbul Technical University May 16 2000
The New Museum: Architectural Monument or Palace of Culture,” Yildiz Technical University, Istanbul, November 1999.
Creating Images of Heaven on Earth,” University of the Brophorus, Istanbul, October 1999.
Great Lodges in the Wilderness:  Rustic Architecture in America,” Yildiz Technical University, Istanbul, December 1999.

National and regional
Exploring the Greek and Roman cities of Aegean Turkey.” Turkfest, Seattle Center October 2014.
Space, light, Structure and Human Scale in the Architecture of Mimar Sinan”. School of Architecture,University of Washington, March 3 2011
Concepts of Ideal Form in Istanbul and Rome: The Sacred Architecture of Sinan and his Italian Contemporaries.” Asian Art Museum, San Francisco February 5 2010
Travel to Turkey” At Turkfest, Seattle Center October 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014 Sponsored by the Turkish American Association, Seattle Center.
Architect in the Land of Promise” Rainier Club Seattle, in association with the Kirtland Cutter exhibition I curated.
Architectural Styles of the Twenties, Thirties and Forties,” Old House Workshop, Eastern Washington State Historical Society, Spokane, WA, February 12, 2002.
Space, Light and Structure. The Architecture of Mimar Sinan” School of Architecture, Washington State University. September 24 2001.
The Ottoman Mosque; A Western Architect’s View,” Middle Eastern Studies Program, The Jackson School of International Studies, University of Washington, May 15 2001.
The Architecture of Kirtland Cutter.” Department of Art History, University of Washington, April 5 2001
Space, Light and Structure: The Architecture of Mimar Sinan” University of Idaho, Moscow, Idaho, November 8 2000.
Opulence and Simplicity:  Interpreting Kirtland Cutter,” School of Architecture, WSU, November 30, 1998.
Writing about Kirtland Cutter,” Annual General Meeting Eastern Washington State Historical Society, Spokane, WA, December 11, 1998.
Kirtland Cutter and the California Style,” Malaga Cove Library, Palos Verdes, CA, April 1999.
In Search of Cutter:  The Struggles of a Biographer,” Eastern Washington State Historical Society Annual General Meeting, Spokane, WA, October 7, 1998.
What Makes a Cutter House,” Old House Workshop, Eastern Washington State Historical Society, Spokane, WA, February 10, 1997.
Harmony and Civic Order:  Ancient Greek Cities on the Turkish Coast,” Art à La Carte, sponsored by the WSU Museum of Art, Washington State University, October 23, 1997.
World Housing and the Urban Crisis,” Symposium on the Habitat II NGO Conference, Istanbul, Turkey held at the School of Architecture by four faculty members who participated in the conference, Washington State University, October 3, 1996.  Chair and contributor to the panel.
The Making of Downtown Dallas,” to the William Cullen Bryant fellows of the Museum of Modern Art, New York, Dallas, Texas, April 1996.
Creating an Instant Community:  G.A. Pehrson at Richland,” American Institute of Architects Central Washington Chapter, Pasco, WA, November 16, 1993.
James Stirling:  Exploring the Outer Reaches of Modernism,” Museum of Art, Washington State University, Pullman, WA, October 18, 1993.
G.A. Pehrson and the Architecture of Richland,” Richland, WA, May 1993.  Funded by a grant from the Washington Commission for the Humanities.
The Evolution of the Gothic Cathedral,” St. John’s Cathedral, Spokane, WA, April 1993.
Architectural Styles of Washington,” Preservation Workshop, Eastern Washington State Historical Society, Spokane, WA, February 1991.
Building the Medieval Cathedral,” Gonzaga University, Spokane, WA, March 1990.
The Bauhaus:  An Arena of Conflict,” University of North Texas, November 1990.
Originality and Innovation in American Architecture from Richardson to Wright,” University of North Texas, November 1990.
The Glory That Was Greece,” Eastern Washington University, Cheney, WA, November 14, 1988.
Kirtland Cutter and the American Picturesque,” Art a La Carte Lecturer, Washington State University, Pullman, WA, March 5, 1987.
Kirtland Cutter the Northwest Architect and His Clients,” Washington Folklife Council Conference, Spokane, WA, September 19, 1987.
The Struggle for Shelter in Third World Countries,” University of North Carolina at Charlotte, April 1984.
The American House and the Idea of Home,” Louisiana Technical University, April 1984.
The History of U.S. Capitol Buildings,” Symposium on 95th Anniversary of Washington State, Washington Capitol, Olympia, WA, November 11, 1984.
Historic Architecture in Colfax,” WSU Office of Historic Preservation, Colfax, WA, May 31, 1984.
From Hutong to the Highrise:  Tradition and Modernity in Contemporary China,” University of Washington, Seattle, WA, November 8, 1984.
The Battle Between Expressionism and Rationalism,” Art a La Carte Lecturer, Washington State University, Pullman, WA, March 1983.
Architecture and Design in the Weimar Republic,” Colloquium:  The Zeitgeist of Weimar Germany, sponsored by Holland Library Archives, Washington State University, Pullman, WA, May 1982.

Refereed Papers at Conferences, International
Rethinking Ottoman Architecture.” ACSA International Conference Istanbul, June 2001.
The Greek Revival and National Identity in America,” Association of Art Historians, Birmington, England, April 1994.
We are all Greeks:  Deconstructing Hellenism in American Architecture,” Hellenic Association of American Studies Conference, Thessaloniki, Greece, May 1993.
The International Style as Manifest Destiny:  Subverting American Architecture 1929-1941,” Association of Art Historians, Leeds, England, April 1992.
Aesthetic Control:  The Role of the Art Jury in the Development of the Palos Verdes Estates,” Fifth International Planning History Conference, Richmond, VA, November 1991.
The Search for a Northwest Vernacular,” Association of Art Historians.  Trinity College, Dublin,  March 1990.
The Role of Historic Districts in Urban Preservation,” Symposium on The New and The Old Xian, China, May 1983.

Refereed Papers at Conferences, National and Regional
Authenticity and Artifice in Alvar Aalto’s Mount Angel Library” Society of Architectural Historians, Marion Dean Ross Chapter. Ashland, Oregon, October 2015
Human Factors in the Mosques of Mimar Sinan.” Society of Architectural Historians, Northern Pacific Coast Chapter, Victoria, British Columbia, October 2003.
Kirtland Cutter and his clients:  Architecture and Capitalism in Spokane,” Pacific Northwest American Studies Association Conference, Lincoln City, OR, April, 1999.
Wilderness Architecture and the American Mind,” presented at the National Conference of the ACSA, Cincinnati, OH, March 16, 1998. Published in Proceedings.
Wilderness Architecture and the American Mind,” ACSA Western Regional Meeting, Pullman, WA, October 3, 1997. Published in Proceedings.
Opposing Regionalism:  The Campaign by MOMA to Marginalize Regional Architecture in the 1930s,” Society of Architectural Historians, Marion Dean Ross Chapter, Portland, OR, October 11, 1997.
Kirtland Cutter and the Architecture of Spokane,” American Institute of Architects Northwest and Pacific Region Conference, Spokane, WA, September, 1995.
Elbert Hubbard’s ‘Model City of America,’” Society of Architectural Historians Northern Pacific Coast Chapter, Astoria, OR, October 15, 1993.
Out of the Margins:  American Wilderness Architecture,” Front Range Art History Symposium, University of Colorado, Boulder, Co, September 18, 1992.
Writing for Designers:  A Strategy for Teaching,” ACSA Conference on Writing, UNNC, Charlotte, NC, November 1991.  Published in Conference Proceedings
It Was Primitive, Signifying Undeveloped Resources,” ACSA Western Regional Conference, Seattle, WA, October 1991.  Published in Conference Proceedings
An Architecture of the Frontier:  Kirtland Cutter and the Rustic Picturesque,” Society of Architectural Historians National Conference, Cincinnati, OH, April 1991.
Kirtland Cutter and the Architectural Maturity of Spokane,” Pacific Northwest History Conference, Tacoma, WA, April 22, 1988.
Kirtland Cutter and the Rustic Picturesque:  Summer Campus in the Wilderness,” Society of Architectural Historians Northern Pacific Coast Chapter Conference, Boise, ID, October 3, 1987.
From Hutong to Highrise:  Tradition and Modernism in China,” Society of Architectural Historians, North Pacific Coast Chapter, The Dalles, OR, October, 1983.
The Sense of the Land in American Architecture,” American Studies Association NW Regional Conference, The American Sense of the Land,” at the University of Idaho 1981.  Published in the Proceedings.


“National Qualities in American Architecture” 1984-5
Women’s Century Club, Yakima, WA; Kirkman House Museum, Walla Walla; Sherwood High School, Seattle; North Central Washington Museum – Wenatchee.
“Medieval Cathedrals and the Society that Created Them” 1984-5
Community Congregational Church, Pullman,; Walla Walla College; North Seattle Community College, Seattle; Congregational Church Richland; Ellensburg Public Library; Le Cercle Français, Tacoma; Lincoln Middle School, Pullman; Lions Club, Washtucna; W.C.H. Inquiring Mind Forum, Spokane; Sherwood High School, North Seattle. Columbia Basin College, Richland; Wenatchee Rotary Club; South Seattle Community College
“Kirtland Cutter: The Northwest Architect and His Clients” 1986-8
 Gonzaga University, Spokane; The Grange Washtucna; Ellensburg Public Library; W.C.H. Forum in the Humanities, Bellevue.
“The Glory That Was Greece” 1986-7
Tacoma Art Museum; W.C.H. Forum in the Humanities, Kennewick.
“Pioneer Towns of the Palouse Country” 1986-7
Senior Center, Pomeroy; Whitman Country Parks & Recreation, Colfax; Library Board, Sunnyside; Eastern Washington Historical Society, Spokane; Women’s Club, Dayton.
“Thomas Jefferson:  Architect” 1986
W.C.H. Forum in the Humanities – Bellevue.


“Study abroad Program in London” Washington State University Spring semester 1998
“Historic sites and gardens of England” June 1989
“Classoical sites of Greece and the Cyclades” June 1987
“Classical sites of Greece, Crete and the Cyclades,” June 1986
“Cathedrals and Roman cities of France” Washington Commission for the Humanities. July1985
“Europe Through the Back Door” Co-leader with Rick Steves, sponsored by Washington Commission for the Humanities, August 1985.