Chapters in books

“Human Scale and Sustainability in the Ottoman Mosques and Külliye”
Chapter in Heritage and Sustainability in the Islamic Built Environment. Ed Bashir A Kazimee ,Wit Press, 2012
Pages 39-61

“Four Traditions in the Built Environment”
Chapter in The Built Environment. Ed.
Tom Bartuska and Wendy McClure, John Wiley and Sons 2007
Pages 15-25

“We are all Greeks: Deconstructing Hellenism in American Architecture.”
Chapter in Hellenism and the U.S.:
Constructions and Deconstructions
, ed. Savas Patsalidis, Thessaloniki, Greece. 1994.
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“Kirtland Cutter”
Essay in Shaping Seattle Architecture,
ed. Jeffrey Ochsner, University of Washington Press, Seattle, WA.  1994.
Pages 10 -11

“The Search for a Northwest Vernacular.”  Chapter in Art and the National Dream: Turn-of-the-Century Vernacular Expression in Design.  Irish Academic Press, Dublin, Ireland, 1993.  Editor Nicola Gordon Bowe. Pages 69-80 read more…

“Kirtland Cutter:  Spokane’s Architect.” Chapter in Spokane and The Inland Empire, WSU Press, Pullman, WA 1992.  Editor David Stratton.

“Four Traditions in the Built Environment,” and “Klong Toey.  Case Study of a Bangkok Squatter Settlement,” chapters in The Built Environment, text for an interdisciplinary course at WSU.  Crisp Publications, Inc. 1993.