The Book: Greek Cities of Sicily: History, Architecture, Archaeology

Henry Matthews brings to life the ancient cities of Sicily. He illuminates the history of the island from the Greek migrations in the 8th century BCE to the creation of great trading cities in the classical era, with magnificent temples and theaters. He discusses topics from the role of mythology in the Panhellenic world to the achievements of Sicilian scientists, artists, poets, playwrights, and philosophers. After briefly introducing the principles of Greek architecture, he guides readers around seven cities, revealing the unique character of individual buildings and their role in distinctive urban designs. Plans, drawings and many photographs offer travelers a vivid record of the fascinating places they have seen.

Henry Matthews 2020 ISBN 9 781734 903706


Author’s Note


Part I: Topography, History and Architectural Principles


1. The Mediterranean Context of Sicily


2. Greek Migration and Colonization: An Overview


3. The Rise of the Tyrants: Warfare and Urban Transformation


4. Conflict with Carthage and Rome


5. Sicily as Roman Province


6. A Reflection on the History of Greek Sicily


7. The Essence of Greek Architecture


Part II: Cities and Their Architecture


8. Syracuse


9. Akragas (Agrigento)


10. Selinous (Selinunte)


11. Segesta


12. Tauromenion (Taormina)


13. Himera


14. Morgantina


Appendix: Other Greek Cities in Sicily